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"Hugged First and Then Taught." That's the environment that children enjoy at Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of Morrisville. We strive to provide a stimulating, secure, and nurturing, environment where children can safely explore, learn and play. At Kids 'R' Kids, our mission is to develop your child in all areas of growth: socially, physically, intellectually, and emotionally. We offer much more than a traditional daycare or childcare!

We set the benchmark for quality learning and customer satisfaction in early preschool education. Your satisfaction is our highest priority!

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Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of Morrisville
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Thank you for your interest in Kids `R` Kids of Morrisville Learning Academy

We are excited about the opportunity to provide your child with the best early childhood education available.

Kids `R` Kids of Morrisville is owned and operated by Van and Juanita Hogan (on-site owners) and Brooks and Julie Moye. Brooks and Julie opened their Cary location in 1999 and bring their knowledge and experience to the Morrisville school. Van and Juanita bring years of customer service expertise from their careers at IBM and GlaxoSmithKline. "As parents we are inspired to operate high quality 5-star learning centers". We are very proud to provide your family a warm and loving environment where children are "Hugged first and then taught". Our sincere love for children and strong belief that they should have a solid foundation make our school your perfect choice for your family`s preschool needs.

Learn more about our innovative child care facilities

Our center is approximately 17,000 square feet with 10 classroom suites surrounded by tempered glass walls that provide safety and allow your child to become familiar with their next classroom transition. In addition, we offer a family style dining cafeteria, large activity gym, and four large outside play areas separated for age groups with a fun filled water park. At Kids `R` Kids Morrisville we share with you the desire to provide the absolute best for you and your children. Our educated, experienced teachers create a loving and fun atmosphere where your children can learn and grow through our theme based curriculum. Our goal is to provide a state of the art facility worthy of your trust. Our secure parent internet viewing system allows you to view your child as they learn and grow in our happy environment. We encourage you to come take a tour and meet our family. We are confident that you will see their love and enthusiasm for education and agree with us that this is the best learning environment for your child! We look forward to meeting you soon. Enroll today! If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

Many Blessings,

Van and Juanita

Brooks and Julie

Take a tour by watching this video of our excellent childcare facilities!

We are committed to your children. Enroll today! Have questions? Contact us!

Kids ´R´ Kids is open to you, the parent, any time your child is present in the school

For the safety of all children, we do request that you make your presence known to the person in charge, and cooperate in not disrupting the Center´s program. Parents are encouraged to eat breakfast or lunch with their child(ren) at our Center. See Director for details. Also, for questions not addressed on this page, see our FAQ page.

Children Served
Kids ´R´ Kids Learning Academies are open to children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old without discrimination on the basis of political affiliation, religion, race, color, sex, mental or physical disabilities.

Hours of Operation
Hours of operation for Kids ´R´ Kids Learning Academies are Monday through Friday from 7:00 am - 6:30 pm.

Upon enrollment, your child(ren) will need all state, county and Kids ´R´ Kids forms completed in a timely manner. All forms necessary will be provided by your Center. Information on forms regarding your child(ren) or specific Center forms must be updated as needed.

Lunch, morning and afternoon snacks are available at Kids ´R´ Kids. Information will be provided by the Center on any charges that may apply. The Center will also provide information on the scheduled meals and snacks that are served.

For bottle-fed children, parents must provide prepared formula, placed in bottles. The Center will inform you of their policy regarding baby foods. All infant items should be marked with the child´s first and last name. Weekly menus are available for review.

Kids R Kids is happy to provide special menu items for dietary restrictions. Please see the Director for information regarding special diets and allergies.

A tuition and fee schedule will be provided by your Kids ´R´ Kids Center. You will be informed of all rates, discounts, late fees, breakfast charges, activity fees, registration fees, check return fees, and any Center specific fees.

Tuition is due weekly on Friday before the week in which it is charged.

Your director will inform you of the specific policies that cover medications.

Medical Emergency
If a child becomes ill, injured, or has an adverse reaction to prescribed medication while at the Center, the parent(s) or emergency contact person will be notified immediately. *(The designated medical facility will be listed on all emergency, transportation, and enrollment forms.)

Transportation to and From Public School
Transportation is provided to and from public or private elementary or grade schools designated by the Center.

Transportation Agreements are signed once for each school year.

Vehicle Emergency Forms must be completed and information kept up to date.

The Center will inform you of the time your child must be at the Center for transportation to their elementary or grade school.

If your child will not be transported by the Center to school, or will not be picked up by the Center from school at the end of the school day, you must notify the Center in advance. The Center will inform you of the time by which you must make this notification.

Transportation (Field Trips)
Field Trip Permission Forms must be signed and dated for each field trip.

Vehicle Emergency Forms must be completed and information kept up to date.

Children going on field trips must wear a Kids ´R´ Kids t-shirt.

Internet Access
Internet access to your child´s classroom is by password only. By enrolling your child at Kids ´R´ Kids you consent that your child(ren) may also be seen on the Internet by other persons viewing with passwords. User ID and passwords will be provided only to those individuals approved by you, the parent.

Severe Weather, Fire or Emergency Situations
If an emergency situation develops such as severe weather, fire, physical damage to the building, or any other situation that poses a threat, the safety of the children is our first concern.

The Center is equipped with a weather band radio, a fire alarm sprinkler system and fire extinguishers. Fire and severe weather drills are conducted according to state and county regulations or every 30 days.

If there is an emergency situation and it becomes necessary to close the Center, parents will be notified to make arrangements for early pickup.

Parents will be notified of the situation and you will be required to pickup your child(ren) as soon as possible.

If there is inclement weather and it is determined that the Center will not open, we will communicate the center's status on WRAL's website (http://www.wral.com/weather). Parents should go to the WRAL Weather website, click on "Closings", and search for "Kids R Kids of Morrisville" under the letter "K". There we will communicate any delayed opening or closing. If we are not listed then we will be open for normal business hours. Note: it is not uncommon for us to delay posting our final decision until the wee hours of the morning.
If an emergency situation develops and it is determined that the building or premises are unsafe, your child(ren) will be transported to a safe location.

Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco
In our effort to provide a safe, healthy environment for each child to grow and develop, we maintain a Center free of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco use.

The use or presence of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco is prohibited in the building or anywhere on the grounds by Center staff, parents, or anyone visiting the Center.

The use or presence of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco is prohibited during any outing or field trip, as well as, on any vehicle used by the Center to transport your child(ren).

At Kids ´R´ Kids Learning Academies we use a method of ´redirection´ to guide your child(ren) toward appropriate behavior. If a child is engaged in behavior not conducive to a safe and happy learning environment, the teacher will ´redirect´ the child toward appropriate behavior. (The use of physical punishment or harsh language is prohibited.)

Parents or guardians are required to abide by the Kids ´R´ Kids Discipline Policy any time they are on Center property.

Dismissal Policy
The staff will work with each child to fulfill the needs of that child, and every effort will be made to provide a positive learning experience. Special needs will be accommodated when possible.

Kids ´R´ Kids Learning Academies reserves the right to ask parents to make alternative arrangements for care if it is determined that a child´s needs cannot be met, or the child has not adjusted to group care provided by the Center. In the event behavior becomes disruptive to the program or becomes a problem that poses an unsafe situation for the child or other children in the class, alternative arrangements will be required.

If you, as a parent, are uncooperative in completing and returning forms, fail to pay your tuition on time, fail to follow any state or county regulations, or fail to follow any Kids ´R´ Kids Policy or Procedure, it may be necessary to dismiss your child(ren) from the Center.

The Parent's Role
The relationship between parents and Center staff is vital to the success of a child´s experience. A partnership must be formed the first day, with open communication and understanding that the development and growth of the child is our top priority.

Parents can assist and help ensure a smooth transition by doing the following:

Sign children in and out at the front desk and then escort them to their designated class. Have all forms completed promptly. Update forms, as needed, when changes occur (i.e. new phone number, address, etc.). Keep staff informed of special needs or changes that might affect your child´s behavior. Children should be dressed properly for the weather and play.
Kids ´R´ Kids Learning Academy reserves the right to change or revise any policies, procedures, or tuitions/fee schedules when deemed necessary. Written notification will be provided to parents.

Have questions, contact us!

Kids ´R´ Kids Learning Academies is referred to as Kids ´R´ Kids, Kids ´R´ Kids Centers, Center(s) and School(s).

We are full of awards and honors!

Platinum Award

Kids `R` Kids of Morrisville was chosen by Kids `R` Kids International as a Platinum Award Winner, the highest top tier recognition award given to any school. This award was given based on the evaluation of quality, curriculum, sanitation, parent satisfaction, employee satisfaction and state compliance. We continue to strive to set the benchmark for quality and customer satisfaction in preschools.

*****Five Star License*****

Kids `R` Kids of Morrisville is proud to be a Five Star School of Excellence. This is a license given by the State of North Carolina to signify the highest level of quality for preschools. To achieve this license Kids `R` Kids of Morrisville was evaluated on classroom curriculum, enviroment, classroom procedures, teaching methods, teacher education and experience. We invite you to visit our classrooms and experience our warm and friendly environment where children are "Hugged First and then Taught".

Teachers of Excellence

Our teachers are hired with you and your child in mind. We strive to hire loving teachers who are passionate about early childhood education. You can trust that your child is being educated by quality teachers who continue to further their education through course study work as it applies to this arena. Our goal is to give our teachers plenty of oppportunities to advance themselves academically in order for your child to be challenged daily both educationally and developmentally which will, in turn, prepare them for the elementary school years. We are pleased to have our teachers participating in on line course study work through CCEI (The Childcare Education Institute) which is an accredited program allowing teachers to advance in thier knowledge of teaching pre-school children.

Contact us to learn more!

Learn how we operate our amazing learning academies with these FAQs

What are your hours of operation?

7:00 am - 6:30 pm Monday through Friday.

What age children do you accept?

Children beginning with ages 6 weeks through 12 years.

Is transportation provided to local schools?

Yes, our centers have school buses with seat belts to safely transport children to and from school in the morning and afternoon.

Are field trips offered for the children?

Yes, our buses are available for area field trips. We transport children who meet the State's age requirements. These children are given opportunities to see their community and other places of interest year-round. Whether it is the local grocery store, the petting zoo, the library, and entertainment places such as roller skating, bowling or putt-putt golf, we provide fun and learning for the children and guarantee the maximum protection plan for parent's peace of mind.

Is playtime/outdoor time available?

Yes, our schools are equipped with four areas of outside play. The children have scheduled times in the morning and the afternoon to explore their outside world. As an added safety feature, our schools have six to nine foot fencing around the outside perimeter of the play areas. The play equipment is state-of-the-art and Kids 'R' Kids abides by the Federal regulations on safety equipment and their surrounding fall zones.

Are meals and snacks provided?

Yes, we serve hot meals and nutritional snacks. Our location is equipped with a full-service kitchen and staff trained in nutrition, USDA guidelines, and proper portions for young children. We are also happy to provide special menu items for children with dietary restrictions. Please see the Director for information regarding special diets and allergies.

Is your staff trained?

Yes, the Kids ´R´ Kids faculty are required to follow their state regulations that apply to training. All staff are trained in First Aid/CPR, Infectious Disease Control, Injury Prevention, and Child Abuse Awareness. Additional training in curriculum, child development, classroom arrangement, classroom management, age appropriate activities, nutrition, field trip planning and OSHA regulations provide the skills needed to create a quality learning environment. The staff is encouraged to further their education through CDA and CCP programs and are given opportunities to attend professional training conferences.

Is there internet viewing of my child at your center?

Yes, our internet viewing system can connect parents and family members to their child while at work or thousands of miles away. Through a secured internet site and unique password you can observe your child´s daily activities through your computer. The same cameras are fed to the front desk for additional monitoring by administrative staff.

How can I get more information about enrolling my child?

We are glad you are interested in finding out more about our schools. Please use the contact form to provide us with your name, address and phone number. We will send you more information through the mail. We look forward to meeting you when you come in for a tour. Thank you for your time and for visiting our website.

Watch Your Child Flourish with Watch Me Grow Technology! Login Now!

Kids 'R' Kids of Morrisville offers parents the ability to log into our secure online viewing site to see their children during their time with us each day. Our cameras are located in all classrooms and provide our parents with peace of mind, anywhere access, transparency and a sense of security while their children are in our care!

PM Closing Teacher Assistants
Job Description: Caring for the needs of school-aged (Kindergarten to 5th grade) students while assisting additional teaching staff. Meeting and greeting with parents then performing room closing procedures after the children have left for the day. Ability to be flexible in order to substitute and assist with younger age groups a must.
Job Requirements: 18 years old with experience working with children. Must have energy, enthusiasm, and a true love of children.
Please submit your resume and cover letter to the following email address: bobbi@kidsrkidsmorrisville.com
Pre-K Teachers
Job Description: Seeking energetic, fun-loving, Co-Lead Teachers for 24 Pre-K children. Must write and implement lesson plans which will require hands on educational teaching with children, as well as caring for their emotional, social, and physical needs. Working knowledge of iPad & Smartboard technology a plus.
Job Requirements: Must have AAS/BA or 24 credits toward Early Childhood Education or related Field and 1-2 years experience in a licensed childcare facility.
Please submit your resume and cover letter to the following email address: bobbi@kidsrkidsmorrisville.com

Here is information on our qualified staff

Staff Spotlight - The future is bright for your child here at Kids 'R' Kids! Our teachers are exceptional and bring excellence into the classrooms because they come prepared and determined to make a difference in your child's future! Since we are a 5 Learning Academy learning, we thought you might be interested in the educational criteria expected of our teachers in order to be a 5 Star School of Excellence.

Lead Teachers-75% of our teachers must have an AAS degree in ECE/CD or an AAS degree in any major with 12 semester hours in ECE/CD and 2 years full-time verifiable early childhood work experience.

Teachers counted in ratios - 50%
must be NCECC or equivalent and have 6 semester hours in ECE/CD and 2 years full-time verifiable early childhood work experience.

Group Leaders- 75% of group leaders must have at lest 600 hours experience working with school-age children in a licensed child care program; or at keast 900 hours verifiable experience working with school-age children in an unlicensed school age care or camp setting or shall have completed at least two semester hours of school-age care related coursework and be enrolled in at least two additional semester hours of school-age related coursework.

Please note that many of our teachers come to us with masters degrees in education and advanced educational backgrounds in early childhood. Our goal is to employ highly educated teachers who are passionate about teaching your child everything they need to know in order to prepare them for the elementary school years. We are also intentional about hiring teachers of loving character who will "Hug First, Then Teach" your child. It is important to us that you know your child is being influenced well both emotionally and academically while they are with us here at Kids 'R' Kids each day.

Our teachers provide a loving, nurturing environment

Our infant suite provides the highest quality care in an environment that is designed with the parent and child in mind. Your child will be assigned to a primary care giver which allows for better hands on attention given to follow your desired daily routine. Each infant teacher is assigned similar aged babies in order to promote appropriate developmental curriculum plans. What a joy to have such great teachers who give 100% attention to your babies needs each day in a warm and loving environment.

Infants are stimulated through:

  • Music Appreciation We sing, dance and play with your child while music is played in order to stimulate their minds asthetically and developmentally. Baby Yoga and physical activity which is essential to quality learning, building fitness, confidence and coordination developing fine and gross motor skills.
  • Sign Language Communication In order to encourage communication between teacher and babies without frustration from inability to verbally communicate, we have implemented the Baby Sign Language program. Your child will be given tools needed in to express themselves.
  • Outdoor Blanket Time Outdoor blanket time is a wonderful time for your baby to get fresh air as they learn the beauty of nature. The teachers lovingly draw your babies attention to the birds singing, or to the clouds drifting by, feeling the texture of green grass, leaves rustling in the wind and the many sounds and smells of nature.
  • Facial and Verbal Mimicking In this special one on one time with the teacher, your baby will be able to form a special bond with their primary care giver. Our Circle Time boxes hold many wonderful tools that encourage the children to recognize facial expression, and emotions by using our emotion cards. We also expose the children to their own family pictures in order to help the babies feel safe and loved with familar faces around them. The teachers take time with your baby mimicking words, sounds, and facial expressions in order to help develop their communication skills in unique way.
  • Lots of Hugs and Tickles Here at Kids 'R' Kids, our day is filled with lots of hugs and tickles as our teachers love your babies and carry out their individualized lesson plans in order to promote appropriate emotional and developmental growth. We welcome you to be a part of your child's day as you watch your child grow and learn on our secure parent internet viewing system.
  • Safety and Cleanliness To protect your baby from exposure to germs. Our teachers are intentional about room cleanliness and handwashing. We ask that you wash your hands upon entering the classroom to help maintain the cleanliness of the room. Our staff and parents wear foot booties to eliminate outside dirt and debris so your baby will be free to crawl and explore their clean environment. We provide each child with their own crib, clean sheet and blanket laundered daily, and a drawer for their personal items. Toys are sanitized as needed throughout the day as well as every evening.

Daily Parent/Teacher Connection:

To ensure an easy transition from your child's day to your welcoming arms, your teachers will provide a Daily Report which includes:

  • Eating, sleeping, and diaper schedules
  • Your baby's response to daily acitvities
  • Areas of development such as language, small and large motor skills, and special moments to warm any parents heart.
  • Healthy growth and development is another top priority at Kids 'R' Kids. Our caregivers obtain First Aid,CPR, and SIDs training along with many hours of State required education to help ensure your child's well being.

You will have peace of mind that your child is in good hands at Kids 'R' Kids because we are much more than a typical day care! We're available to answer your questions, contact us!

Helping families teach their toddlers!

A toddler's life is filled with adventure. That's why we designed our Toddler Program at Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of Morrisville with your busy learner in mind. Our Toddler Program is built to adapt to your child's growing needs and follows a daily lesson plan that achieves holistic growth. The physical development of your toddler is a core aspect of our program. Our curriculum is designed with activities and lessons that foster crawling, walking and eventually running.

The Toddler Program also stimulates a child's emotional and social skills in a rich environment between the teacher and students. Our curriculum fosters relational abilities that help young learners mature and expand. The Toddler Program mirrors and expands the Infant Program's curriculum and enhances the overall experience. At Kids 'R' Kids, our classroom interactions are pivotal to teaching children communication, social etiquette, skills, and sharing. Kids 'R' Kids helps toddlers grow and learn with a hands-on and interactive approach to learning. This active learning gives toddlers the opportunity to make real-time decisions, and develop problem solving skills preparing them for preschool and beyond.

Here's how we go far beyond a normal daycare or childcare:

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

These skills are developed through everyday activities such as holding a spoon and cup for self feeding. Our learning centers are filled with manipulatives to encourage fine and gross motor skills such as: building and stacking with blocks, shape recognition and matching through puzzles, creative exploration in dramatic play and much more!

Language Development

Our teachers enhance the development of language by working with your child, one on one, using sign language. This help eliminate some of the frustrations of communicating before the toddlers learns to form sentences. During our Circle Time, language is encouraged through songs, finger plays, and stories.

Toddler Yoga

Toddlers enjoy great benefits of Yoga which builds confidence, fitness, coordination, and imagination. Yoga is an effective tool for Quality Learning for toddlers and also enhances flexibility.

Parent/Teacher Connection

Parents receive a written Daily Report to update each family on curriculum involvement, toilet training, nap times, meal times, and other daily activities. Our goal is for your toddler to mature into a preschooler who is ready, willing, and able to take the next step toward positive and healthy development.

Contact us for more information on why our Toddler Program is far above the rest! Enroll today!

The Preschool Program and Curriculum

Our Curriculum helps your child enter the path toward healthy growth and development. The Kids 'R' Kids Preschool Program complements the curriculum used our Toddler Program and furthers the goal of our advanced learning experience. We know that preschoolers are beginning to be independent and desire to make their own decisions and form their own opinions. That's why we provide a safe and patient environment for preschoolers to learn problem solving skills for the new challenges that await them as they get older. Kids 'R' Kids is delighted to be a support system for your child by designing programs and curriculum that support a new level of self-confidence, self-awareness, and relational maturity.

At Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of Morrisvile, children develop new skills every day. That's why we don't underestimate the value of play. Our preschoolers have the privilege of playing at well-designed learning stations where they learn from purposeful playtime. We know that preschoolers should be praised for their accomplishments and congratulated for their milestones. With your child in mind, Kids 'R' Kids has created a loving and encouraging environment for your child to feel loved and encouraged as he grows and learns.

Our curriculum offers weekly, theme-based units to keep our young learners on track with their educational goals. We also use "Words of the Week" to expand our preschooler's vocabulary. We use team and group activities to encourage social etiquette and interpersonal skills. In preschool, the curriculum becomes more structured so that students are ready to enter elementary school.

The Preschool Curriculum includes:

  • Child-directed learning allows preschoolers to process and self-regulate their own decisions.
  • Language, physical, and cognitive development focus on learning curves needed for developmental milestones.
  • Small group activities are planned for every child throughout each day.
  • Literacy and writing activities are age-appropriate and provided daily.
  • Activities and music balance learning and fun.
  • Emotional and social development takes place with peers and teachers.
  • Planned outdoor activities are provided for physical fitness and development.
  • Daily enrichment activities encourage imaginative and creative play.
  • Progress reports inform parents of children's daily accomplishments.
  • Decision-making skills support growing minds.

We have an advanced approach at KRK. Here are just a few examples of what each learning station offers your preschooler:

  • Construction Station Architecture, vocabulary, eye-hand coordination and cooperation
  • Imagination Station Social skills, self-confidence, and respect
  • Library & Literature Station Listening skills, word recognition and oral language skills
  • Writing Station Eye hand coordination, name recognition and self-expression
  • Exploration Station Classification, problem solving and sequencing
  • Discovery Station Experimentation, exploration and prediction
  • Sensory Station Fine motor skills, measuring, and creativity
  • Music & Movement Station Listening, teamwork and patterning

Are you ready to enroll your child? Contact us for questions and find out why we are so much more than a childcare, daycare, or preschool.

Nurturing your preschooler's mind!

All activities in the Kids 'R' Kids Pre-Kindergarten program are designed with your child in mind. Our Pre-K program is an essential step on your child's journey toward elementary learning. At Kids 'R' Kids Morrisville, your child's imagination and development are key to how we designed our curriculum. We focus on achieving milestones through programs designed with your child's success in mind. Here are 3 programs that will benefit your young learner:

  • Phonics Reading Program - Your child learns how to read, creating a solid foundation for educational excellence.
  • Love of Literacy Program - Concentration is on a specific author's work and style. A new author is selected each month making reading fun and engaging.
  • Social Studies Unit - Students learn about the aspects of different cultures in the US and around the world.

In Pre-Kindergarten, children experience hands-on activities in small and large groups. They also study independently and in large formations with realistic application. Student comprehension is built through the curriculum and learning stations. Students are also able to augment their educational experience by applying thought, creativity, and imagination, through independent and cooperative learning strategies.

The Pre-Kindergarten program is divided into 3 categories:

  1. Academic Concentration - Comprised of whole group learning sessions where students will receive initial introduction to subject matter.
  2. Individual and Group Connections - Help students apply what they have learned, and focus on building individual comprehension.
  3. Station Enhancements - Provide the following:
  • Language Station - introduction to language association through a variety of materials and skill strategies
  • Art Station - free choice application for students where materials are used to express imagination
  • Construction Station - spatial awareness and geometric study demonstrated through stacking, sorting, building, and recreating
  • Dramatic Play Station - encouraging individual and group role play activities with realistic and imaginary props
  • Math Station - applying math skills through a variety of materials and strategies
  • Reading Station - independent and guided activities to help increase student vocabulary and literacy development with a wide range of appropriate materials
  • Science/Sensory Station - experimenting with materials through object manipulation to increase knowledge and stretch the imagination
  • Writing Station - beginning letter formation and grammar structure through a variety of materials and skill strategies

As always, Kids 'R' Kids reinforces its belief of "Hug First, Then Teach.” As students learn more about themselves and the world around them, they are encouraged and praised in a positive manner building self-esteem, and memorable learning experiences.

Contact us and find out why we are more than just a childcare, daycare, or preschool.

Learning Outside the Box

We strive to make your life more convenient and less stressful. In order to make that happen we have developed Before- and After-School Care, School Holidays, Track Out, and Summer Camp programs. We instill a continued love of learning for children 5 through 12 years old. How nice it will be to pick up your child knowing they have had time to relax after a long day at school, enjoyed a nutritious snack, spent time with his friends playing games and having fun outside as well as the blessing of having homework completed. Not only that, but also, we provide bus service from these Morrisville elementary schools: Carpenter, Morrisville, Alston Ridge, Cedar Fork, and Green Hope.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Our Before- and After-School Program focuses on making learning fun. We welcome the Before- and After-School children to an environment with plenty of opportunities to unwind and just enjoy being a kid! From our large activity room with a game zone, computer lab, homework tutoring, arts and crafts, and much more. Our spacious outdoor playground designed especially for the older child, Kids 'R' Kids meets all the requirements to captivate and satisfy the needs of the school-aged child. A special feature of our outdoor area is the fantastic water park. Your child will find this to be a breath of fresh air!

Helping Hands, Helping Hearts

At Kids 'R' Kids, your child can relax, knowing that he belongs in a loving, supportive environment and is encouraged to create lasting friendships and connections with his teachers and classmates.
Our “Hug First, Then Teach” philosophy still holds true in the Before- and After-School Program. Kids 'R' Kids Character Counts program fosters loving kindness, respect, and understanding in every facet of our approach.

The Benefits of Our Before- and After-School Program has many incredible features:

  • We Open Early! Kids 'R' Kids opens at 7:00 a.m. in order to serve our working and busy families.
  • Curbside Service (from select schools). During the school year, we provide bus service from the following elementary schools: Carpenter, Morrisville, Alston Ridge, Cedar Fork, and Green Hope.
  • The Kids 'R' Kids Homework Help Club is designed to relieve some of the stress homework may bring to your child and fosters a sense of support and encouragement. Our teachers are available for necessary homework help. This promotes a healthy beginning, middle, and end to another successful school year and adds more quality time for your family.
  • The Discovery Zone presents exciting aspects of earth science and the environmental needs of our communities. From identifying rocks to learning about the benefits of recycling, your child will see how she can learn about the earth and make a difference for future generations.
  • The Creative Zone addresses artistic expression that appeals to the theater buff in your child. He can perform a short play, write a puppet show, or help direct a musical.
    Game Zone provides trivia games, group activities, and board games for kids who love a challenge with an added twist of fun. It is a wonderful social experience your child will never forget.
  • The Construction Zone offers an array of sought-after hobbies which have never been so much fun. Here, your child can explore cooking, baking, crafts, and various other teacher-supervised activities to expand her knowledge.
  • The Media Center brings change to our world with technology! To keep your child on the leading-edge, we offer the newest and most advanced games the educational media offers.

Have questions about this program? Contact us right away!

We offer unique programs because your children are unique!

  • Love of Literature - Kids 'R' Kids realizes that if you can teach a child to love reading, all other aspects of learning will come easily. With that said, our goal is to encourage the love of reading through a new program entitled "Love of Literature". Each month we conduct an author study and select books to focus on in class. In addition, we welcome parents, grandparents and guests to be our special readers. It is a great joy to see your child's eyes light up as they learn the love of literature.
  • Foreign Language - We feel blessed to have such a diverse family representation at Kids 'R' Kids. For that reason, we introduce your child to many different languages throughout their years with us. Kids 'R' Kids offers our students a weekly Spanish lesson provided by a visiting professional who specializes in Spanish. In addition, each classroom has a circle time box filled with teaching aids representing many other languages. Some examples of these are French, German, Chinese, Shwahili , and some Indian dialects. Teachers introduce the days of the week, counting, basic greetings, colors and more. There's no better time to learn another language than during the early childhood years.
  • Sign Language - In an attempt to encourage a broad spectrum of language arts, we are pleased to announce our Sign Language program which develops fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination skills and inclusion of diversity in communication. Sign language starts in our infant room with our Baby Sign Language Program and continues throughout the school with the American Standard Sign Language Cards. With sign language, children who are still learning to speak are able to communicate their desires, eliminating frustration and encouraging fullfilled expression.
  • Health and Fitness - Ensuring your child's good health is very important to us. That is why we make sure we include plenty of time for physical play throughout their instructional day. Our large playground area gives plenty of space and appropriate playground equipment. It is a great joy for us to watch as the children run, laugh, and play with friends while developing healthy bodies. Recent studies show that our society and fast food enable childhood obesity, which has reached epidemic proportions. Kids 'R' Kids knows how important physical activity is to any child's development, and that is why our centers include the Kids 'R' Kids Health and Fitness Challenge. This important part of our Curriculum Program provides all the tools for kids of all ages to learn and enjoy how to be healthy. We emphasize healthy bodies, the food pyramid, family style dining, and physical fitness. We stress the importance of fair play, team cooperation, and physical well-being. We want our families to live healthy and be strong!
  • Yoga - This is a brand new introductory program we are offering here at Kids 'R' Kids. Flexibility, strength and development of fine and gross motors skills is key to your child's overall physical and mental health. This makes yoga the perfect tool for interactive learning for your child's mind, body and heart. Yoga gives children a lifetime tool for refocusing. It also builds physical fitness, self confidence, coordination and imagination. We implement our yoga program with all ages including infants. So reach for the stars...OUR FIVE STAR SCHOOL of EXCELLENCE!
  • Music - Music is an incredible tool used for brain development. Our music programs expose children to a variety of musical styles, cultures, and techniques, awakening their inner abilities. Children have the opportunity to play instruments, engage in singing exercises, and compose their very own musical masterpieces. Every child has a song in their heart and we can't wait to hear it!
  • Computers - Our children are growing up in an ever increasing world of technology. Our goal is to equip and prepare your child to feel comfortable using computers in order to expand their learning experiences both now and throughout their elementary years and beyond. In addition to the computers in our pre-kindergarten classrooms, we also offer computer classes on a weekly basis. Who knows? Perhaps your child will be the next Bill Gates!

Are you interested in learning more about our special programs? Fill out the contact form!

Half-Day Preschool at Kids 'R' Kids Morrisville

Our half-day program serves three year olds, young four year olds and older 4 year olds. Although it is a short day of 3 and one half hours, our teachers ensure that the children in these classes receive an appropriately modified version of the curriculum content and educational focus as our full day students. Our Preschool Curriculum is divided into weekly, themed-based units. Teachers introduce Words of the Week to strengthen and increase vocabulary and develop character. We provide art, math and language activities that reinforce the concepts being taught, and consistently assess children's progress to prepare them for elementary school. The curriculum provides for the perfect mix of interactive play and materials to stimulate development through repetition and by utilizing all five senses. Our older Pre-K students participate in educational and fun field trips each month.

“Hug First, Then Teach”

Our students are encouraged in a positive manner to build self-esteem and create memorable learning experiences. While exploring, learning and accomplishing new skills through a variety of learning centers, children at Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy will also have the opportunity to learn through technology and our exclusive Brain Waves Curriculum. Brain Waves is our exclusive brain development curriculum that enhances the four lobes of the brain; and has been designed for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. Children use Smartboard technology to explore the world around them on virtual field trips, reinforcing phonics concepts through Letterland songs and videos, and ABCmouse.com software. We are much more than normal day care. Contact us and come visit us!

We approach education in an innovative way!

Quick Facts:

  • Available to students enrolled in Kindergarten through 6th grade
  • Open early 7:00 a.m. and close late 6:30 p.m.
  • Morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack
  • Counselors are CPR/First Aid and BSAC (Basic School Age Care) Certified
  • Ratio - 1:14 Teacher to Campers for Field Trips
  • State Approved G.Y.M. (Growing Young Minds) Curriculum

See the calendars of all our fun field trips and activities we have planned.

Join us for our Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy track out program where campers enjoy a wide range of experiences both at the school and in the community. Campers participate in fun, unique and exciting activities with our G.Y.M. (Growing Young Minds) curriculum. Our Community Field Trips offer campers the opportunity to balance activities at Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy with fun in our local community. The following are just a few of our field trips and activities that we have to offer:

  • Field Trips: Roller Skating, Bowling, Putt Putt, Movies, Adventure Landing, Museums, Morehead Planetarium, Gymnastics, Local Parks and Farms and many more!
  • On-site Outdoor Activities: Experience fun physical challenges that promote overall body health. Large play area with outdoor play structure designed for the older child, soccer field, basketball court, garden area, sand box, and a water splash park for the summer months.
  • On-site Indoor Activities: Large, open, dedicated school age activity room.
    • Open Centers Daily: Home/Block/Manipulative/Reading, Group games, Computers, Air Hockey, Wii, Xbox, and Smartboard.
    • Science: Participate in a range of crazy, cool experiments; learning strange facts, and working on fascinating projects. Join us as we make invisible ink, slippery slime, jello that glows as we explore fascinating, wonderful world of science.
    • Arts/Crafts: Campers have a chance to develop their artistic styles through exploration of many mediums.
    • Be A Star: Campers explore and develop their acting and musical skills through skits, drama, games, jam sessions and more!
    • DEARR (Drop Everything and Read or Rest) Time Daily: 30 minute time period when campers can read, rest, or work on educational materials brought from home.
    • Snack Attack: Something good is always cooking! Campers prepare and enjoy yummy foods while combining their math, science and health knowledge.

Got questions? Great, we've got answers! Fill out a contact form.

Give your child the gift of learning with Kids 'R' Kids

We are excited to introduce our excellent Curriculum program to you and your family. It was written specifically with your child's educational success in mind by highly trained and educated writers who have many years of experience in yearly childhood education. Your child will develop a love for learning that will last a life time because this curriculum program draws them in with interest and excitement, making them want to learn more and more.

The heart of our curriculum is love. Love, along with a deep understanding of the individual educational and emotional needs of each child, sets the Kids 'R' Kids Curriculum apart.

The Kids 'R' Kids Curriculum Experience at Every Age

As your child continues to grow, our curriculum grows with him. At every stage of your child's journey, Kids 'R' Kids develops new and challenging ways to open his mind and expand his imagination. Our foundation of love and trust is accompanied every step of the way by our teachers, parents, and your child's peers.

Throughout each age group, your child will discover the joy and excitement of learning science, math, language, literature, drama, music, and art. The Kids 'R' Kids Curriculum presents a variety of educational activities and theme-based units for every age group.

Developmentally appropriate classrooms

Kids 'R' Kids Infant-Toddler Curriculum - Six weeks through 24 months - The youngest learners at Kids 'R' Kids are well on their way to a lifetime of learning with our Infant-Toddler Program. Infants as young as six weeks old are involved with stimulating, hands-on play. Each activity is designed to assist your child achieve those important developmental milestones while he has fun at the same time. Our Kids 'R' Kids environment is a safe place filled with love, growth, and discovery.

Kids 'R' Kids Preschool Curriculum - 2 through 5 year olds - The daily adventures continue into preschool, and with them come the steppingstones for a lifetime of learning. Our goal is to help equip your child for the challenges ahead. Supporting each child during this time in her life helps to instill a sense of confidence and accomplishment while she basks in her daily successes.

Kids 'R' Kids School Age Program - 5 through 12 year olds - Our School Age Program is challenging and fun, a combination we are very proud to share. Your child's day is filled with age-appropriate activities geared to challenge the pre-adolescent mind while building confidence and security. Our child-directed activities allow individuals and small groups to work independently while the staff encourages and monitors their progress.

Here is how we compare!

As demonstrated by the renowned psychologist, Jean Piaget, children learn best through play, so at Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academies we've developed hands-on learning experiences for all levels of learners. Our curriculum meets the standards for NAEYC, the National Association for the Education of Young Children, while remaining fun and flexible for every child.

Under the age of three: Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academies (Piaget)

  • Both child-directed and teacher directed. Teaching time, play time and naps occur on a schedule.
  • Emphasis on motor and verbal skill development using manipulatives or "hands on" activities. Lessons allow the children relative freedom of movement.
  • Children are grouped by age.
  • Follows the “Love and Logic” method of Redirection as a discipline tool


  • Child-directed. Child decides when and how long to learn, play and nap. No scheduled learning times.
  • Emphasis on motor and verbal skill development using manipulatives or "hands on" activities. Lessons allow the children relative freedom of movement.
  • Children are grouped in mixed ages from 2 years through 5 year olds together.
  • Self-education through self-correcting with no specific discipline tool

Over the age of three: Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academies (Piaget)

  • Both child-directed and teacher directed
  • Research-Based, hands-on method of teaching that is modified to each individual child's needs
  • Role-play and realistic social experiences encouraged
  • Follows the “Love and Logic” method of Redirection as a discipline tool
  • Freedom to move about the classroom and explore while also having scheduled circle times
  • Liberty to speak (without disturbing others) as he pleases


  • Child-directed only
  • Children of various ages in the same classroom
  • Unstructured and flexible method of teaching
  • Learning individually with less social experiences allowed
  • Self-education through self-correcting with no specific discipline tool
  • No scheduled learning times
  • Silence is encouraged even at times of snack and lunch

Kids 'R' Kids encourages parents to ask about any school's accreditation before enrolling a child. In the U.S., many different styles of Montessori are being practiced. Checking a accreditation will give assurance a Montessori school is following the philosophy the name implies. Kids “R” Kids is proud that our curriculum meets the standards for NAEYC, the National Association for the Education of Young Children. If you have questions, contact us!

Kids 'R' Kids Provides the Foundation of SmartFun™

If your child is enrolled at Kids 'R' Kids they will have a special enrollment code which will link their account to their classroom and curriculum.

Our Accredited Program and Curriculum implements activities that further enhance and support learning beyond the classroom as well as involve parents in their child's education.

Through our partnership with the award-winning early learning website ABCmouse.com, the Kids 'R' Kids curriculum includes hundreds of computer-based interactive activities that children love and which also provide opportunities for parents to be actively involved in their child's learning. These activities include games, songs, books, and more, all of which have many academic and developmental benefits for young children.

ABCmouse.com is an early learning website designed for kids ages 2 to 6. ABCmouse.com has more than 3,000 interactive learning activities, including books, games, puzzles, art and songs covering the basics of reading, math, science and social studies. Themed environments such as the Classroom, The Zoo and The Farm and a reward system helps kids develop math skills with a virtual shopping experience in a fun learning environment. Parents can breath easy that ABCmouse.com is safe and secure from the internet with your parent password to keep your child engaged in learning. There are no software CDs, so your child can access the site from anywhere, anytime and there are new features and learning activities added every week. ABCmouse.com is already being used in thousands of preschools, Kindergarten, and early elementary classrooms worldwide.

Kid Orange Tech provides educational solutions for 21st century kids by supporting educators and parents in implementing technology responsibly into children's lives. We believe technology has the ability to enrich a child's life when used as an additional learning tool and is not intended to replace traditional play or an existing school curriculum. Also, the use of technology in the home can be an advantage to a child if educators can more easily communicate a child's learning goals so that a parent can reinforce what is being taught in school.

Got questions? We've got answers! Contact us here.

Our Brain Waves™ Exclusive Curriculum

The first five years of your child’s life is a critical time when their brain is developing and brain cells are forming connections for learning and future success in school.

During these early years, the experiences and interactions your child has will determine which brain cells are activated and which ones are pruned away from lack of stimulation.

Your child’s learning environment has tremendous impact on brain development.
At Kids ‘R’ Kids, we use strategies from our Brain Waves™ curriculum to support neural pathways for language, social-emotional, cognitive, and physical development during these critical years.

Ten Important Brain Facts Parents Should Know

1. The first brain cell is born two days after conception and two weeks after conception it is expanding at 500,000 cells a minute.
2. At birth the brain will have 100 billion neurons, only 17% are activated.
3. The brain activates from the bottom to the top and from the back to the front.
4. Each brain cell has a short and finite time frame in which it can be activated. If the individual cell does not get activated within that time frame, it dies and will never be replaced.
5. 80 billion of the 100 billion total cells are activated or die before the child reaches their 6th birthday.
6. Each activated brain cell can maintain between 10,000 and 15,000 synapses or connections to other brain cells. Each cell we activate creates a huge multiplier effect on the future success of the child.
7. The brain produces 800 neurological connections for every second it is properly stimulated.
8. Repetition is key to brain development. The more times a child hears a correct answer the stronger the neural pathway.
9. Social and emotional pathways are cemented after a single occurrence while things such as colors, shapes, letters and numbers require hundreds of repetitions to create the link.
10. Newly formed synapses are very fragile. They get cemented during sleep. Enough sleep is absolutely critical for proper brain development.

Our BrainWaves Curriculum begins with activities specifically created to stimulate and activate brain cells in all four separate regions or lobes of the brain. These activities have been designed for infants, toddlers and pre schoolers. Our curriculum provides for the perfect mix of interactive play and materials to stimulate development through repetition and by utilizing all five senses.  Birth through age five is the most important time in your child's life for brain development. That development will be maximized through the activities we have developed in our cutting edge Brain Waves Curriculum.

Brain Development the Kids ‘R’ Kids Way

Our philosophy is “Hug First, Then Teach” as we understand that secure and safe emotional attachment is vital for the growth and development of your child’s brain. Our classrooms are filled with stimulating materials that allow teachers to facilitate children’s exploration through sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch as these sensory experiences send information directly to the brain and form the platform for healthy brain growth.

We understand that each child is unique, so our teachers cater to different interests and learning styles. From infancy, your child will be exposed to many forms of language (including sign-language), and immersed in an environment rich in language and literacy. Our learning stations are filled with math manipulatives, science elements, and stimulating visuals that support brain pathways for cognitive development. Problem solving is considered one of the best ways to support brain development, so our teachers conduct activities to help children explore cause and effect and employ questioning strategies that promote higher level thinking.

Technology and the Brain

Technology is everywhere, so children need healthy exposure to be prepared for life in the 21st century. Research shows, however, that hours of exposure to digital technology can lead to over stimulation of the brain, fatigue, and irritability. At Kids ‘R’ Kids, we take a balanced approach to technology. Our curriculum has been integrated with ABCmouse, one of the latest early childhood technology tools, to enhance learning. With the guidance of a teacher, children engage in digital activities that build language, math, science, and fine motor skills.

Maximizing your Child’s Mental Capacity

We believe in a nurturing learning environment, hands-on play, and novel experiences that ignite your child’s curiosity. With our exclusive Brain Waves™ curriculum and quality teachers, our goal is to provide stimulating experiences that support brain development and maximize your child’s mental capacity.



We use the latest technology in our KRK classrooms!

Contact us with any questions you might have!

STEAM AHEAD™ at Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academies

In keeping with our mission of being The First Step to Higher Education® and our all-important role of fostering 21st century learners, Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academies is proud to introduce STEAM AHEAD. Armed with the knowledge that the fields of science, technology and engineering are expected to grow by leaps and bounds over the course of the coming years, we have developed an exciting new supplementary curriculum. STEAM AHEAD combines elements of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics to expand the way our students not only learn, but also how they think about the world around them. When used in conjunction with a strong foundation from Kids 'R' Kids proprietary First Class Curriculum® and the brain development power of our exclusive Brain Waves™ curriculum, there are no limits to the possibilities our students' futures might hold.
Imagine a little girl who not only dreams of being a princess, but also wants to devise the design of her castle. Or a little boy who hopes to become a race car driver on a futuristic race track of his own imagining. Children will always have dreams and imaginations, and programs like STEAM AHEAD tap into those amazing little minds of theirs to make the regular use of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics seem virtually secondary nature. STEAM AHEAD is another powerful example of how Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academies prepare our students for Kindergarten… and beyond.


  • Kids 'R' Kids STEAM AHEAD is an integrated project-based curriculum incorporating more science, technology, engineering, art, and math into students' everyday learning through play.
  • Written for preschool students ages three to five, STEAM AHEAD is designed to be used as a supplement to the Kids 'R' Kids core curriculum.
  • STEAM AHEAD provides students with opportunities to be innovative, creative, and inventive as they build strong foundations in five core areas of their education.
  • STEAM AHEAD activities and projects are hands-on and bring together many facets of what students find interesting in a way that packs educational “AH HA” moments.


  • Much the way Kids 'R' Kids station activities act as platforms for hands-on exploration opportunities, Kids 'R' Kids STEAM AHEAD allows students to learn by doing while developing problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Unlike academic learning of memorization with no logical or practical application, Kids 'R' Kids STEAM AHEAD projects encourage students to be natural scientists using reasoning, hypothesizing, predicting, and theorizing during the natural trial and error of play.
  • STEAM AHEAD activities enrich students everyday learning, support academic growth, and help inspire them to become lifelong learners.

The Teacher's Role as Facilitator:

  • Teachers create high quality learning environments that provide students with opportunities to observe, question, investigate, predict, experiment, build, and share what they learn.
  • Students and teachers explore STEAM AHEAD projects together. To tap into each student natural interests while facilitating learning, project materials are placed in learning stations for independent and small group exploration.
  • Teachers serve as guides while students participate in STEAM AHEAD projects, making observations of each student's development, and interests all along the way.
  • In an effort to develop students as students engage in STEAM AHEAD projects teachers encourage them to ask, Why?
  • Teachers may choose a combination of some or all of the STEAM AHEAD projects to present depending upon their students levels of ability, interest, and development.

Call us today or drop in for a tour to learn more about STEAM AHEAD Curriculum and the other advantages of Kids 'R' Kids!

Amazing facility.
Amazing facility. My son had been going there for 4 years (from 3 - 7 years of age) before we moved and loved every day he was there. The teachers really loved him. I also loved that they had cameras so I could keep an eye on him from work. They also feed the children which takes a load of my plate. I highly recommend Kids R Kids Morrisville.
-Danelle Toner
My son went 3 years till he graduated and we had a great experience. I recommend blindly Kis R kids Morrisville to any family as they have experienced and professional teachers/ staff who will make a great impact in any child’s development.
an amazing experience
Kids R Kids Morrisville has been an amazing experience for my son. The entire staff is friendly, loving, and make it a great place for my son to be at before and after school for care. Their Track Out program is amazing and lots of fun. The teachers and staff keep me well informed and my son absolutely loves being there. I only have positive things to say in regards to Kids R Kids Morrisville. I completely trust them with my child's safety and well being.
-Nicole Bethune
We love it!
We love having our child at Kids r Kids in Morrisville. We toured many centers in the immediate area and KrK beat them all hands down in every category but especially in cleanliness, curriculum and staffing. The staff is so caring for the children and always polite with parents and so easy to talk to. If we ever have concerns they listen and take immediate action as necessary. I love that the rooms are so spacious as it gives plenty of room for kids to spread out and not be right on top of each other. The play yards are equally as large and separated for age appropriate play. We plan to remain here for as long as our family needs childcare.
-Danielle Vazquez
Great Experience!
KRK Morrisville has been a great experience for our family. Our daughter loves being there and loves all the teachers she has had. It is a very professional and safe environment and I am never worried about her being there.
-Bennie Weeks
Highly recommended!
First time writing review - Both of my kids have graduated from Kids R Kids Morrisville, my younger one just graduated this year, and I am happy with their service. They have experienced teachers in each classroom, and are flexible with allergy food substitutions. Highly recommended!
-wenqi shi
Loving and Helpful
Teachers are loving and the administrative staff are helpful and listening.
-Pei-Ying Wu
The teachers are great, and the curriculum is more extensive than most of the other pre-k schools we considered. The administration staff are also very responsive to questions. I would definitely recommend KRK to other parents.
-Thomas Souers
Wonderful reassurance!
Before my daughter started at Kids r Kids of Morrisville we were concerned about her receiving enough one on one attention (in a daycare setting) and just being away from our daughter in general for the 1st time. But the teachers in the one year old room were very warm and welcoming of the children and parents into their classroom from the start. They answered any questions we had and were there ready to greet my daughter with a smile each morning. The teachers reassured us that she would be fine and logging in to the cameras gave us even more peace of mind. We loved receiving a daily sheet each day from the teachers with a special note about how our daughter’s day was, as well as the verbal feedback given. During pick up it gives us a warm feeling when we see her engaged in activities and smiling as she plays with her friends. The front desk staff was also very helpful during our transition into daycare. It’s nice to walk into such a big daycare and hear the front desk staff greet my daughter by her name! If you are looking for an awesome preschool I definitely recommend Kids r Kids of Morrisville
-A. Wheeler
Morrisville exceeded our expectations!
I cannot say enough good things about this school! Our son was there from 3 months until he graduated and started Kindergarten. Our daughter was there from infant until 2 yrs old until we moved out of Morrisville. We have not been able to find any schools in our new city that even come close to the environment and curriculum that KRKs offers. The KRK teachers and administrators are very caring and professional. The owners are very hands on and it's very apparent that they take great pride in making their school the best they possibly can. Both of our kids were weened off the paci in one week and potty trained in one week because the teachers know what works and we followed their lead. The owners installed turf grass on the playgrounds. I underestimated just how big of a deal that is! My daughter comes home with bug bites and dirt stains in her clothes constantly now. I'm so glad we made the decision to trust KRK of Morrisville with the care and growth of our children. They definitely did not disappoint!
-The Lathan Family
Top Notch!!! Great School!!
We have had our kids at Kids R Kids for the past 7 years. We had our first child at another location and then switched to the Morrisville location. We have been at the Morrisville location for the past 2 years. This location is top notch! The administration, teachers and staff are phenomenal! It is such a great feeling and comfort knowing our kids are in a safe and structured environment while we work during the day. The Morrisville location facility is always super clean and they are always looking for ways to improve. Management always greets you with a smile and does a great job. Whenever I have a question or concern the management team of Mrs. Bobbi, Mrs. Gailya or Mrs. Melanie always listen and help out whenever possible.
-E. Bloomer
Great People!
I am delighted my son Caleb had the opportunity to attend Kids R Kids of Morrisville. The environment is welcoming and the staff is beyond friendly. Kids R Kids - Morrisville has the best teachers for the Infant Room (suite 100); Mrs. Sharon, Mrs. Kate, Mrs. Robyn, Mrs. Kim, and Mrs. Simi should be dubbed the "Baby Whispers". I honestly believe my son thinks Mrs. Sharon as his second mom. As a first time mom, I know we made the right decision to enroll our child at Kids R Kids - Morrisville.
-N. Ramsey
It takes a village!
I appreciated the "It takes a village" philosophy early in my career as a special education teacher...long before I had children of my own. With four of my own now, I believe in this philosophy to a new extent. I find myself telling my husband how lucky the school is to have found these teachers...the same conversation every time one of my children transitions to a new classroom. The teachers at Kids R Kids make this place so much more than childcare! Oh! and of course-the curriculum is on point!
-Ashleigh Rinaldo
All the love and learning we can hope for our kids!
We absolutely love the Kids r Kids philosophy, staff and environment. We have been a part of the family since 2005 and expect to continue, as long as the "need" arises (more kids...lol). We truly appreciate the staff and their loving care for our girls. The technology, leading edge teaching techniques and constant pursuit of excellence all help to keep KRK Morrisville [what we consider to be] the gold standard of daycares in the Raleigh Durham area!
-D. Burkett - NC
Kids R Kids Morrisville prepared our daughter for Kindergarten
Our daughter has hit the ground running in Kindergarten and I attribute it a great deal to the instruction she received at Kids R Kids Morrisville. She`s reading well and she`s got 100% in her math. Thanks Kids R Kids!
-Tom Murry - NC
Thank you Kids R Kids!
My son, Nathan, was just a year old when I returned back to work three years ago. I was really nervous about making the right decision when choosing a daycare for him. I am so happy to say that its been almost 3 years that we have been with KrK of Morrisville. And we couldnt be happier. You made the transition easy both for a toddler and a nervous mom! Over the 3 years, Nathan attended the full day programs, half day program and summer camp at KrK. It is obvious what a wonderful job the teachers do when I see how excited he is about coming to daycare. The curriculum is fun and interesting for kids. Your facilities the playground, the caf, the smartboard are all exceptional. Nathan absolutely LOVES coming here. Thank you all so much for your care, patience and tremendous experience. It has been such a pleasure to be part of the KrK family! Best Wishes, Sandeep, Tara & Nathan
-The Mohan Family - NC
Kids R Kids of Morrisville Makes Our Son So Happy!
Our Son Rishi has been attending your preschool since we moved into the area and he as been one happy kid with your school program! Its time for him to move on to his kindergarten, so he is leaving KRK very soon. We already see that he is going to miss you all and your great care. We are truly happy parents with the choice we made for our son`s preschool. All your staff including administration, front desk, teaching and management are very professional, courteous and took care of our child very well. We are very thankful to all of you for providing such good care. You are truly a Five Star Child Care Center! Many Thanks for your care and guidance provided to our son!
-The Suresh Family - NC
My son can`t wait to go to school everyday!
My son, Zachary, has enjoyed Kids `R` Kids of Morrisville since he was an infant. He is now 3 years old and has significantly developed mentally, physically, and socially with the help of the outstanding teachers and administration at Kids 'R' Kids. Every member of the staff seems to truly care for the well-being and educational growth of our child. The peace of mind and benefits we have received from Kids 'R' Kids is priceless.
-Zach Perryman - NC
What a wonderful school!
I am so happy that we chose KRK for our son Will. Mrs. Kavulich is such a wonderful teacher, and our son enjoys his days there. Thanks!
-Floyd Vaughan - NC

For your convenience we have provided some of the forms utilized by our center. Please use these forms as needed. Acceptance of enrollment is based on space availability.

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Brain Development

Focus & Self Control

Problem Solving







We would love to share with you how many families and children are being impacted through Kids `R` Kids Morrisville!

  • AdvancED™ Accreditation
  • Interactive Technology
  • Regular Assessments
  • First Class® Core Curriculum
  • Brain Waves® Curriculum
  • STEAM AHEAD® Continuous Curriculum
North Carolina Division of Child Development 5-Star School
If you are a parent looking for child care, the North Carolina Star Rated License system can help. In September 2000, the Division of Child Development issued star rated licenses to all eligible child care centers and family child care homes.
2013 and 2014 Presidential Award
2013 and 2014 Kids 'R' Kids International Presidential Award for Excellence in Academics, Quality Assurance and Business Management.